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Video #2 - 1996 Librascope Employee’s Christmas Party.

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Video #5 - Warming Up The Librascope LGP-30 Video in Germany. The audio 
starts in about 20 Seconds.

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Video #6 - Carl Sorensen Hosts Sam 
Ward’s 1997 Librascope Farewell 

An assortment of videos from the past - To play a video, simply click on its caption. Effective May 30, 2016, all videos below will open in YouTube with any type of browser. Note, with YouTube you can set each video to play in FULL SCREEN.

Video #8 - A Video Slideshow of the Libravets Who Were Honored for Their 
Years of Service During the 1980’s.
Video #7 - A 1997 Retirement Ceremony 
for Carl Sorensen, a Libravet Since 1958.
Video #9 - A 5 minute Video from the Computer Archives Project covering the LGP-30’s history including its vacuum tube circuit boards.
Video #1 - 1992 Librascope Employee’s Christmas Party.
Video #3 - 1983 Librascope Promotional Video.
Video #4 - 1989 Librascope Promotional Video.