Librascope History


an Overview, a timeline, and some “Sea stories”

  1. I.An Overview: The best descriptions of Librascope’s history were published in past issues of the Librazette. The stories in the following two issues, however, are an especially good review of the first 50 years:

  1. 1987 May

  2. 1987 August

  3. Also see Brochures titled:

---- Climate for Ingenuity - 1965.

---- Librascope Facilities - 1956. Pages 2 - 6.

II. A Librascope Timeline - Click here. Note, if you can provide any of the missing events or dates, please let us know.

  1. III.Some Libravet Sea Stories:

  1. A Special Thanks to Roy Kramer, Don Tubbs, and a Couple of Others - How 60+ years of Librascope memorabilia was saved from the dumpster, and made available for others to enjoy.

  1. Iran - Tensions, Rescue, and Librascope - Ray Hand’s story about Librascope’s past dealings with Iran and how they relate to a recent international event. Walt Picker provides some interesting background.

  1. Librascope and the Instrumentation Operation - Carl Sorensen explains his complicated 40 year history with Librascope and its former Instrumentation Operation in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey).

  1. Ray Hand’s Librascope Sea Stories - Ray describes a number of his experiences during his long career at Librascope.

  1. Much Ado About Foo - John Good’s entertaining 20+ page story about his quarter century engineering career at Librascope.

  1. John Langman’s Biography from the “Minecraft Sailors Biographies” web-site.

  1. RD-433 RAMdisk - Bruce Perkin’s story about “How to Go Out of a Business and Leave the Customer Happy”.

  1. Towed_Array - Dave Ghen’s story titled “From Torpedo Fire Control to Sonar at Librascope”.

  1. Pong - Filling up waste paper cans with quarters. A Ray Hand Sea Story.

  1. Questionable Software - A Canadian Oberon Class submarine story by Kurt Zierhut.

IV. Libravet Passings

  1. Passed Between the 2010 and 2012 Reunions - A list of 35 Libravets who passed away between the last two Librascope Reunions. Last revised 1/8/2013.