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Blog #1, dated 4/28/09, explained how this web-site came about during the latter part of 2008. For your convenience, that Blog is repeated here in its entirety:

HOW IT ALL BEGAN              4/28/09

Last September, Ray Hand copied me on some correspondence between himself and Don Tubbs regarding what Don ought to do with all the Librascope memorabilia he had been caring for. In passing, Ray told Don that he often thought someone might want to research the Librazettes and old Librascope pictures, and then write a Librascope history. He doubted, however, that it would ever happen.

This exchange gave me an idea as to how we could publish Librascope's history without hiring a professional writer or spending a lot of money. I suggested to Ray that the old (unedited) Librazettes could do the best and least expensive job of telling Librascope's history, so why not simply put them (and the old photos we already had) on-line for all to see at any time in the future. We could even take photographs of all the memorabilia Don has, donate the hardware to a museum, and post the new photos on the web-site too. Ray concurred, and offered his support.

One thing led to another, and I soon found myself developing a "Librascope Memories" web-site with my new MacBook. At first, the web-site included just Librazettes and old photos, but it soon expanded to include other features as well. Ray scanned most of the Librazettes I had in my garage, and FedEx/Kinko's did the rest. There are more Librazettes yet to be added though.

So now, seven months later, the web-site is reasonably complete and ready to be announced.....


Carl Sorensen.

UPDATE --- It has now been almost two years since the project was first conceived in late 2008, and much progress has been made. The many published publications, photographs, and videos tell part of the story about this unique company, but there is undoubtedly much more to tell.

All past associates of Librascope are invited to share their memories on this web-site. If you have any old photographs of Librascope people, places, or products, please let us know. Also, if you have some interesting Librascope memorabilia in your garage, simply take a photograph of it and e-mail the JPEG file(s) to us using the “Email Me” button below.

We are still looking for any old Librazettes that may be missing. As before, Ray Hand will scan them in to searchable PDF format, and then we will post them on this web-site for others to view. If requested, the originals will be promptly returned to you.

You are also encouraged to tell your favorite stories about your association with Librascope.  For example, we know there are countless untold stories about how contracts were won and lost, interesting development projects, fellow employees, and business trips that are all waiting to be told or retold. On this web-site we call these “sea stories”.  To submit your sea story, please e-mail it to us in Word format.

We also encourage you to send us additions or corrections to any other part of this web-site. For example, we know that the Librascope Timeline is incomplete, and may even be wrong in places.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of all the Libravets who have volunteered their time in many different ways to keep our Librascope memories alive.

Thank you,

Carl Sorensen


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